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1-Year On-Site ExtendedCare Service Plan

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The standard 1-year limited warranty for your product is Depot Repair. You must purchase a 1 year upgrade any time during the first 30 days of the limited warranty period to get On-Site repair services. You may purchase up to three additional plans to follow your first plan (for a total of four extended on-site service plans, four years of total coverage), if each purchase is made while a previous service plan is still in effect. No renewal of extended service is available after expiration of your fourth plan or if your current plan expires.

Terms & Conditions

To find out more about ExpressCare, Epson's comprehensive service program, contact your Authorized Epson Reseller or visit epson.com/pos for a complete list of Epson resale partners and distributors in your area.

  • Model: OSTME-I
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