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DFX-5000 Impact Printer

    • Printing Method: 9-pin impact wide carriage
      Print Speed:
      High Speed Draft: 560 cps (10 cpi)
      Draft : 504 cps (12 cpi)
      Near Letter Quality : 101 cps (12 cpi)
      Character Sets: 13 international, 11 code tables, 2 character tables (IBM)
      Fonts: 6 bitmapped
      Paper Paths: Dual push tractors/paper paths: automatic back out and loading; automatic paper thickness width adjustment; optional pull tractor
      Paper Feed Speed: 17 ms/line at 1/6" line feeding; 10" per second continuous feed;26 ms/line intermittent speed
      Maximum Forms:
      Front : Original + 5 copies
      Rear : Original + 3 copies
      Input Buffer: 0KB or 20KB (selectable)
      Interfaces: 8-bit parallel, RS232C serial; optional Type-B
      Emulations: ESC/P; IBM ProPrinter II standard
      Dimensions: 14.5" H x 15.0" D x 27.6" W, 63.9 lb
      Voltage: 103.5 to 132V AC
      Sound Level: 55 dB(A)
      Print Head Life: 300 million characters @ 14 dots per character
      MTBF: 8,000 POH @ 25% duty cycle
  • Model: C112001
DFX-9000 Impact Printer
DFX-9000 Impact Printer
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