Important Notice: Partial Termination of Technical Information and Deadline of New Apps Application


Dear developers who registered or plan to register MOVERIO Apps Market
Thank you for using MOVERIO Apps Market. This is an important announcement for all related developers.

Due to the discontinuation of the Moverio BT-300, Epson is closing the MOVERIO Apps Market to new app submissions. Please note the dates below.

As of Mar. 31st, 2021 (JST: Japan Standard time), Epson will no longer provide technical information for BT-300, BT-350, BT-2000, and BT-2200. If you need this information, be sure to download it before the deadline date.

We will continue to provide technical information for the BT-35E. The BO-IC400 can be used for application development as a controller. Technical information for new models (BT-40, BT-40S, BO-IC400) is available at the link below.

*New models (BT-40, BT-40S, BO-IC400) are available in Japan, North & South America, Europe & MEA, China and Taiwan.
There is no plan to release them in other area.

As of Jun. 30th, 2021 (JST: Japan Standard Time), new apps for approval for the MOVERIO Apps Market will not be accepted. We strongly recommend submitting apps for approval as soon as possible. Epson will continue to process submissions for updates to apps that have already been published on the MOVERIO Apps Market.
These changes will not affect apps currently on the MOVERIO Apps Market.

Also, new registration of “developers” on MOVERIO Apps Market will be closed on Jun. 30th, 2021 (JST: Japan Standard Time) as well.
For new “user” registration, we will continue to accept them.

Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

For those who wish to unsubscribe from the information e-mail, please change the settings on your MOVERIO glasses by clicking [Account Management] at MOVERIO Apps Market and turning off [Information e-mail distribution]. Please note that important product-related communications, such as this one, will still be sent even if you unsubscribe from the information e-mail.

SEIKO EPSON Corp.  MOVERIO Apps Market Office