Can I import a SMART Notebook or Promethean ActivInspire lesson in BrightLink GoBoard?

  • Yes, you can import SMART Notebook (*.notebook) or or Promethean ActivInspire (*.iwb) lesson files. See below for import instructions and a list of supported and unsupported features.

    Supported Files: Texts, strokes, static images, documents; unhandled files will appear in the lesson folder.

    Note: Binary/encrypted files, Adobe Flash objects, and page animations are not supported

    How to Import a Lesson File into BrightLink GoBoard From the Teacher Console

    1. Open BrightLink GoBoard.
    2. Open a Class or create a new Class.
    3. Select Import file from the Whiteboard data drop-down list.
    4. Click Import file and select your file type. For a SMART Notebook file, select *.notebook. For a Promeathean ActivInspire file, select *.iwb.
    5. Navigate to your file.
    6. Select Save.

    Your lesson will import.

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