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My printer turns off and on by itself. What should I do?

    Do the following:

    1. Turn off your printer, then turn off your Wi-Fi router and/or disconnect any network cable connected to your printer.
    2. Turn on your printer again.
    3. Select Setup on your printer's control panel.
    4. Select Restore Default Settings, then press OK.

      Note: This will erase all of your network settings and fax data.

    5. Select All Settings, then press OK.
    6. Select Yes, then press OK.
    7. Turn on your router.
    8. Reconnect your printer to your network. See your product's User's Guide for instructions.

    Note: These steps will suspend Google Cloud Print Services for your printer and should resolve the problem. To resume printing, do not reconnect your printer to Google Cloud Print Services. Epson is working on a solution to this problem; check with us periodically for an update.

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