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What is a job in Document Capture Pro 2.0 and how do I create one?

    Jobs allow you to quickly recall saved settings for various tasks you might perform after scanning an image. For example, you can use jobs to quickly save a scanned image to your computer, send a scanned image by email, print a scanned image, or upload a scanned image to various cloud destinations.

    To create a job, do the following:

    1. Start the software.
    2. Select Switch to Simple View, if necessary.
    3. Click the < at the top right corner of the screen.
    4. Click the Job Settings button. You see a screen like this:

    5. Click New Job. The Job Settings window appears.

    6. Enter a descriptive Job Name at the top of the screen.
    7. Select your scan settings. When you finish, click Next or the Save button.
    8. Select your save settings.

      Note: Select Apply job separation to automatically separate and save files, and then click Separation Settings to select the Job Separation Settings.

      When you finish, click Next or the Send button.
    9. Select your send settings. Select the Destination drop-down menu and click the destination option you want to use.
    10. Click OK to close the Job Settings screen. The job you created is registered to the job list.
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