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How do I view 3D Images?

    See below.

    Viewing 3D Images

    You can view 3D images using your projector. Viewing 3D images requires a 3D-compatible video device and a pair of Epson RF 3D glasses. You can also convert 2D images to 3D using the 2D-to-3D Conversion setting in your projector's Signal > 3D Setup menu.

    You can purchase Epson RF 3D glasses from an Epson authorized reseller or Epson Store.

    1. Connect a 3D-compatible video device to the projector using a compatible HDMI cable.

      Note: You can also connect a 3D HDMI source to the WirelessHD Transmitter (PowerLite Pro Cinema LS9600e).

    2. Turn on the video device, then turn on the projector.
    3. Begin playback from the video device.

      Note: Make sure you set the video device to play content in 3D mode.

    4. Press the 2D/3D button on the remote control to activate 3D mode, if necessary.
    5. Slide the power switch on the 3D glasses to the On position.
    6. Put on the 3D glasses. If you do not see a 3D image, pair the glasses with the projector.

      Note: If you change the video source or you are not within range of your projector, the glasses enter standby mode and the status light flashes green. Slide the power switch on the glasses to the Off position and then back to the On position to resume 3D viewing.

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