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How do I connect a monitor to my product so I can view the same image on a monitor and a screen at the same time?

  • Do the following:

    1. Make sure the projector and computer are turned off.
    2. Disconnect your monitor cable from your computer's video port and connect it to the projector's Monitor Out port.
    3. Connect a VGA computer cable to your computer's video port and to the projector's Computer or BNC port.

    If your image colors look wrong, try changing the Input Signal setting to RGB.

    Note:You may need to change the Monitor Out setting in the projector's Extended menu and restart the computer.

    Note: Some LCD monitors may not be able to display the image correctly. If you have trouble displaying the image, connect a multiscan monitor. If you're projecting computer images, make sure the computer's refresh rate is set to 60 Hz or greater.

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