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An augmented reality SDK, optimized for MOVERIO devices.

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True Augmented Reality

Developers can utilize the SDK along with MOVERIO transparent smart glasses to detect and interact with real world objects in their applications.

Optical See-through Mode

Applications can render digital content in 3D, using the real world as their canvas, by utilizing the optical see-through mode and side-by-side 3D support of the MOVERIO glasses.

Calibration Routine

True optical see-through AR experiences are made possible by a MOVERIO-optimized calibration routine that accounts for user IPD (inter-pupillary distance).

3D Object Tracking Using CAD Models

Detect a wide range of objects—even difficult-to-detect low feature objects—by using CAD data.

No need to attach a QR code or marker to objects.

Track multiple 3D objects simultaneously.

Tracking is dynamic, allowing for movement of the user or objects.

2D Image Tracking

Detect and track 2D images.

Track multiple 2D images simultaneously.

Tracking is dynamic, allowing for movement of the user.

Get Started

Developers interested in learning more about the MOVERIO AR SDK or obtaining early access to the SDK can register their interest at the link below.

Become a Beta Tester

Free for MOVERIO Developers

The MOVERIO AR SDK is free to use (with no watermark) for MOVERIO developers and includes everything you need to start developing true AR experiences.

Included with the SDK

  • Android API
  • Unity Plugin—easily build content in Unity and deploy to MOVERIO.
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Sample Applications & Source Code
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