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MOVERIO Smart Glasses

The MOVERIO line of smart eyewear enable next‑generation experiences–from the home to the jobsite.


Powerful, affordable smart glasses for personal use.


Manage multiple devices, serve a variety of users.


Smart headsets designed to withstand the rigors of the workplace.

From Hobbyist to Prosumer


Transparent, high‑contrast display

Si‑OLED technology

A 360° digital canvas

Motion‑tracking sensors

Capture reality, augment reality

1080p front‑facing camera

BT‑300 AR/Developer

Ideal for AR enthusiasts and developers.

Ideal platform for Augmented Reality
Seamlessly blend digital content into the world around you
Robust Development Resources
Developers receive access to the Moverio SDK with developer tools and resources
Familiar Development Environment
Moverio is built on Android®, a familiar environment for many developers

BT‑300 FPV

Ideal for adventurous drone pilots.

Maintain a Clear Line of Sight
Transparent display allows drone pilots to see key flight statistics, while still maintaining a visual line of sight with the aircraft
Premier FPV Partner of DJI Drones
Ships with plug‑and‑play functionality for DJI drones
Lightweight design and up to six hours of battery life1

Crafted for a crowd


Adjustable to any head size

Extendable hinge design

Durable,easy to clean

Made for multiple users

Update and manage multiple devices

Device management software


Ideal for museum tours, amusement parks, or shared workplace applications.

Si‑OLED Powered Display
High transparency display enabling augmented reality.

Device Management Dock

Ideal for applications requiring multiple devices.

Manage & Update Software
Easily install and update software on multiple devices.

Charge Multiple Devices
Charge multiple devices simultaneously.

As rugged as your jobsite


Endure the elements

Dust‑proof & Water‑resistant

Safety glass certified

ANSI Z87.1 Certified

Long battery life

Hot Swappable Battery

Pro BT‑2000

The original smart headset designed for the workplace.

Designed for Comfort
Adjustable headband & forehead pad
Easy to Control
Onboard voice control and programmable function keys that are designed to support usage with gloves

Pro BT‑2200

The smart headset with safety helmet compatibility.

Innovative Hinge Design
Allows users to attach headset to a safety helmet and flip the glasses out of the way when necessary
Easy to Control
Onboard voice control and programmable function keys that are designed to support usage with gloves

1 Battery life may vary considerably depending on applications used, device settings (for example, wireless on or off, brightness setting), and temperature.
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