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Boost Productivity & Shrink Costs Using Smart Eyewear

Read about the advantages of using smart eyewear for enterprise. Smart eyewear utilizes augmented reality to connect on‑site workers with valuable insights and expertise.

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Whitepaper Highlights

Explore key chapters to learn more about smart eyewear and its cost‑saving applications in business.

Augmented Reality for Business

Discover the great opportunities that augmented reality has for business.

Delivering Insights to the Worksite

See how smart eyewear can intuitively deliver knowledge into the hands of workers.

Enabling Remote Collaboration

Learn how smart eyewear can enable on‑site workers to collaborate with off‑site expertise.

At Work in the Real World

Read about the tangible benefits that smart eyewear is already providing for businesses.

Reducing Operating Costs With Smart Eyewear

What's Inside this Whitepaper:

  • 16 Page PDF
  • Executive Summary
  • Part I: A New Reality
  • Part II: Augmented Reality for Enterprise
  • Part III: Smart Eyewear for Enterprise
  • Part IV: Remote Collaboration for Other Applications
  • Part V: At Work in the Real World
  • Part VI: Delivering Insights to Work Sites
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