State of Texas - DIR

Contract DIR-CPO-5101

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Contract is for: State of Texas - DIR
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Miscellaneous Information Technology (IT), Hardware, Peripherals, Components and Related Services
VID#: #1952935679200/41133
Epson's Federal Tax Id: 95-2935679
Contract Includes: Epson Projectors and Accessories

How to Order:

  1. For product and pricing information, visit the Epson America, Inc. website or contact Isaac Casillas at (562) 290-4535. Reseller Vendors are also available through this Contract. Select from any Reseller Vendor contact listed below to also obtain product and pricing information.
  2. Generate a purchase order, made payable to Epson America, Inc. or any Reseller Vendor listed below. You must reference the DIR Contract Number DIR-CPO-5101 on your purchase order.
  3. E-mail or Fax your purchase order and quote form to your designated vendor or reseller sales representative.

Epson Contact Information

Vick Banks, MBA
Education Account Manager
(501) 626-3706

Exchange Warranty & Return Policy

Return Policy

Maintenance, Repair and Support Plan

3 Years of EPSON's Extra Care Warranty is included at no extra charge

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Epson Extra Care "Road Service"
  • Epson Toll-Free Technical Support

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DIR Co-op Contract Program Overview

Cooperative Contracts

Statement of Guarantee and Reseller Listing

Epson America will make available equivalent replacement parts for a product sold to the state for at least 3 years after a product is discontinued.

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March 2024
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