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Explore 6-Axis Robots by Series

Epson 6-Axis Robots provide flexibility, high performance and reliability. Choose a 6-Axis Robot from the C8-Series, the S5-Series, the C4-Series or the Flexion N-Series.

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Flexion N-Series

Flexion N-Series 6-Axis Robots are a revolutionary new concept for 6-Axis robots. With their new compact "Folding Arm" technology, the innovative Flexion N-Series Robots offer significant advantages in efficiency of motion and workcell space.

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Flexion N2

Flexion N2 compact 6-Axis Robots can work in extremely compact spaces vs other robots of a similar size. They have 450 mm reach and 2.5 kg maximum payloads, and work with our RC700A controller.

Flexion N6

Flexion N6 6-Axis Robot provides the ultimate in motion and workspace efficiency with its unique ability to folds under itself, reducing intermediate points and shortening cycle times. It has 1000 mm reach and 6 kg maximum payloads, and work with our RC700A controller.


Epson C8-Series 6-Axis Robots add payload, reach and faster cycle times to the C-Series lineup. The SlimLine body and compact wrist of the C8 enables greater range and less mechanical restrictions than competitive models, making our C8-Series Robots the most compact and flexible robots in the market today. With more payload, speed and reach with 700-, 900- and 1400-mm models, the C8-Series provides more possibilities and applications. All C8-Series models are available in Standard, Clean/ESD and Protected (IP67) model configurations, and work with our RC700A Controller.

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Our compact C8 6-Axis Robots have 791 mm of reach and 8 kg maximum payloads


C8L 6-Axis Robots have 981 mm of reach and 8 kg maximum payloads.


C8XL mid-sized 6-Axis Robots bring Epson Robots into new applications which require longer reach, and provide the quality, reliability and performance Epson Robots are known for. They have 1400 mm of reach and 8 kg maximum payloads.


Epson C4 6-Axis Robots are the latest in our C-Series lineup, and are the most compact and flexible robots on the market. With best-in-class cycle times, precision, flexibility, motion range, and the same unique SlimLine design as the C3-Series, they are leading the industry for compact 6-axis robot applications. The maximum payload for the C4-Series is now up to 4 kg, and we also added the C4L – a 900-mm model which opens more possibilities and more applications. They are all available in Clean/ESD models and work with our RC700 controller.

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C4 compact 6-Axis Robots have 665 mm horizontal reach, 885 mm vertical reach and 4 kg maximum payloads.


C4L long-reach 6-Axis Robots have 900 mm horizontal reach and 4 kg maximum payloads.


Superior performance with a small footprint is the best way to describe the S5 Series 6-Axis Robots. With available reaches from 786-975 mm, the S5 Series has a robot to fit most small to mid-size applications. They are available in protected versions for washdown (IP65) and IS04 Clean for cleanroom, and all are available with our compact low-cost RC180 or high-performance PC-based RC620+ controllers.

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With mounting configurations of tabletop, ceiling or wall, S5-Series Robots are ideal for material handling and small parts assembly jobs. S5 arms have a reach of up to 786 mm and payloads up to 5 kg.


The S5L is our long arm S5 Series model. With a 975-mm reach, the S5L models are a perfect fit for most mid-range lower payload 6-axis applications.

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