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A single SurePress L-6534VW has produced the following commercial print volumes in an installation – 2 million square feet in one month, 5.5 million square feet in one quarter, and 13.8 million square feet over a period of nine months since day one of installation. We were able to track this data using our Epson Remote Management System.
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UV Inkjet Press

Epson's new generation linehead, inkjet label press with LED UV curing ink, the SurePress L-6534VW, enables reliable and repeatable high-speed printing of up to 2.0 million ft/month. The new generation PrecisionCore® linehead, center drum system, is a space-saving, compact design integrating all of the functions required for production, such as Corona treatment, White ink, digital varnish or orange ink, web cleaner, ionizer and an additional UV curing unit, all standard.

Water-based Resin Ink Press

The legacy continues with the new and improved SurePress L-4733. It is one of the leading selling digital inkjet label presses on the market today. It remains the benchmark for entry prime label and thin film digital press with its outstanding print quality, automated features, and ease of use.

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Innovative Technology

Designed to help you achieve your goals.

Smart Investment

  • The Epson bundle is a simple buy. It is a single line purchase which comes with all you need to start printing from day one, including training and corona treater.
  • Accurate ink cost simulator enables you to quickly estimate job costs.
  • Stable, predictable production.
  • Epson leads in inkjet head production and patents, continually investing in R&D to have a roadmap of innovative products for your future growth.


  • Automated software and hardware enables commercial production up to 2 million square feet per month.
  • Maintenance is automated throughout the day, therefore operator maintenance is only required once per day even if there are 3 shifts.
  • Operation is straightforward and does not require extensive operator training.
  • Uses standard flexo substrates.


  • Print quality does not drift or need to be recalibrated job-to-job.
  • Epson inks and printheads minimize the number of colors needed to achieve a wide gamut range.
  • Small text can be printed using Epson PrecisionCore printheads and advanced web registration.
  • Opaque and brilliant whites on labels can also be achieved using Epson printheads.

Print Quality

  • Designed as a system with Epson components including ink, printheads, LED pinning and curing.
  • An Epson Industrial Robotic Controller is used to manage the press rather than a PC –- enhancing reliability and stability.
  • Remote monitoring of press health with predictive analysis.
  • Epson Technicians are Epson employees and regionally-located.

Digital varnish to simulate gold foil.
Digital varnish gloss netting. Gloss text and matte background.



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Complementary Printers for Proofing or Production

SureColor P-Series

Produce Label and Prepress proofing applications with extreme accuracy and up to 98.2% coverage1 of the Pantone solid coated swatchbook.

SureColor S-Series

Up to 98.2% Pantone coverage1 as well as white and metallic silver inks for accurate labels, stickers, and decals on a 64" roll-to-roll solvent printer.

SureColor R-Series

True versatility with water-based resin inks that allow for prints on un-coated materials, high scratch resistance, and immediate lamination.

SureColor V-Series

Entry-level 4' x 8' UV flatbed with class-exclusive red and gray inks, in addition to white and varnish, for high quality rigid substrate printing.

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1 98.2 percent coverage of PANTONE PLUS FORMULA GUIDE solid-coated palette on adhesive vinyl media. PANTONE coverage may vary when printed under other conditions.

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