Elevate Your Customer Experience with Projectors for Digital Signage

Why are companies moving toward digital signage? Engagement drives growth. Experiences drive engagement.

Why use projection for digital experiences?

Projectors enable you to create engaging, captivating experiences by adding a layer of content on almost anything.

Create one-of-a-kind experiences.

Realize your vision and design experiences that transform emotions and create action. From advertising on a giant curved wall to intricate projection on products—no project is too small or too large.

For Retail

Transform your retail space into a memorable destination. Think big like a video wall to generate a buzz or small like dynamic shelf talkers or product call-outs. Read our brochure to see how to elevate your brand, improve operations, and create an inviting experience for your customers.

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For Museums

Unleash the stories of the art and the artist by providing contextual information without impacting the aesthetics.

For Restaurants

Create an immersive dining experience, dynamically change the menu offerings, or help a customer celebrate a special event by creating customized content.

For Hotels

Create an inviting space by informing and guiding your guests. Set the mood with experiential and artistic installations.

For Corporate

Transform your lobby and customer experience centers by projecting awe-inspiring dynamic content on floors, walls, ceiling to design your space. Provide helpful information like way finding or weather and traffic reports.

Epson in Action

Epson Projectors for Digital Signage

With our expansive lineup of products, the possibilities are endless. And, with Epson projectors, you can count on extraordinary image quality, as well as industry-leading service and support.

Interchangeable Lens Projectors

Ideal for Larger-than-life Experiences

Packed with state-of-the-art technology, they feature sophisticated software that enables color uniformity, easy edge-blending, curved wall projection, as well as collection of lenses and more.

Fixed Lens Laser Projectors

Ideal for Dynamic Imaging in Smaller Spaces

With a fixed lens and a host of innovative features, these portable powerhouse projectors deliver brilliant video and professional-grade reliability.

Accent Lighting Projectors

Ideal for Experiential, Any-surface Projection

Sleek spotlight performers, they can transform retail spatial design while blending in with premium, upscale environments. Unique software, special filters, and customized templates enable them to display information in a way that truly captivates.


Make the ordinary extraordinary.

Push the boundaries of space and digital content to deliver environments that inspire people to stay longer, spend more time and leave with a memorable experience.

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