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Education Projectors for Classrooms


Epson continually offers educators new solutions for the challenges they face. Our newest low-cost laser projectors are made for today’s teaching environment and create immersive, laser-focused learning… wherever you are.

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A hybrid solution for learning beyond the classroom

Epson projectors are a reliable solution that help educators easily integrate traditional or digital teaching. Plus, under the CARES Act, Epson projectors qualify for funding included in the package’s K-12 relief fundA making them a smart and affordable choice for hybrid classrooms.

Meet our new low-cost laser projectors

New projector solutions for every situation

Epson offers a comprehensive lineup of projector and display solutions that elevate educator’s experiences and captivate students.

Low-cost laser projectors

A high-quality, low-cost laser solution

These budget-friendly laser projectors are designed to help enhance learning environments and inspire imagination.

Virtual and hybrid classrooms

Leverage video conferencing platforms with an Epson BrightLink interactive projector to create a collaborative experience for remote students.

Find out more about how our low-cost laser projectors can work for your school

Designed for teachers


The room is yours.
Fill the world with brilliant images up to 120” in the ultra-wide formatB or present up to four content streams together. The Epson BrightLink 1485Fi 120-inch display offers up to 95% more interactive space versus a 75-inch flat panel.


Seamlessly connect… safely.
Epson projectors are compatible with most video conferencing software solutions and easily connect up to 50 laptops and non-shared devices wirelessly, minimizing device sharing and multiple students touching the board. Click here to learn more about iProjection.

Stay flexible

Save whiteboard space.
Save valuable whiteboard space – when your Epson display is off, your whiteboard is still available for use when you’re ready for it again. Epson projectors eliminate the need for dedicated electronic boards or space-consuming flat panels.

Optimized for schools


Goodbye downtime.
Our laser projectors feature a virtually maintenance-free, 20,000 hour laser light source with no lamps.C


Budget-friendly. Future-ready.
BrightLink interactive projectors offer the lowest-cost image per square inch vs. interactive flat panel displays.D

Trusted name

We know the territory.
Epson’s been a trusted partner in the classroom for 25 years. More than 10 million students learn on our displays every day.

Case Studies

Des Moines Public School

From three STEM classrooms to the entire district - in one year.

Walled Lake School District

An early adopter district makes BrightLink "the center of a learning ecosystem."

Pflugerville Independent School District

Inspired by BrightLink's interactivity, teachers find new ways to enhance learning.

Livonia Public Schools

Ongoing Epson customer care helps teachers maximize the benefits of BrightLink.

Muskego Lakes Middle School

BrightLink creates the opportunity for teachers and students to interact new ways.

Tuscaloosa City Schools

BrightLink provides students with collaborative workspaces well-situated for modern classrooms.

Let’s find the right display for your school

Brighter Futures — helping schools get the tools they need

Get special pricing and other benefits with your education products – projectors, document cameras, and more. Find out how the Brighter Futures program can help your school.


Classroom management solutions

Interactive curriculum software

Epson BrightLink interactive displays include software tools specifically designed to help enable teachers to create high-impact, interactive lessons.


Contact an Epson Rep

Talk to your local Epson rep about our latest products and programs for K-12 education. Ask for an in-person, hands-on demo and see all that Epson products can do for your school.


Epson technical support

Need help with a specific product?
Our general support site offers software downloads, drivers, manuals, and more.

A. www.future-ed.org/what-congressional-covid-funding-means-for-k-12-schools
B. BrightLink® 1485Fi projects large, 100”, 16:9 or super-wide 120”, 16:6 images.
C. No required maintenance for the light source for up to 20,000 hours. Approximate time until brightness decreases 50% from first usage. Measured by acceleration test assuming use of 0.04 - 0.20 mg/m3 of particulate matter. Time varies depending on usage conditions and environment. Replacement of parts other than the light source may be required in a shorter period.
D. Versus comparable interactive flat panel displays measuring 65-inches and above. PMA Research data for 2020 1Q, North America.

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