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Epson TrueOrder Kitchen Display System (KDS)

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The affordable, simple and easy-to-install kitchen display system

Optimize the way you run your kitchen with the Epson® TrueOrder Kitchen Display System (KDS). Ideal for quick-service restaurant (QSR) and small-restaurant environments, this easy-to-use solution digitizes your kitchen operations to help enhance productivity, from food prep to order fulfillment. This KDS solution offers a number of enhanced features to help boost your kitchen experience, including custom views for the kitchen, expediter and customer-facing stations—all with intuitive touch control. Moreover, add an Epson receipt or label printer to improve kitchen communications. With the easy-to-use, browser-based configuration utility, the TrueOrder KDS is easy to set up and can be customized to fit your kitchen’s workflow. You can configure the system to support as many as nine stations throughout your kitchen, so you can be sure order information is handled by the right station.

The TrueOrder KDS is POS-agnostic and compatible with traditional and tablet POS systems, making installation easy. It can be used with a variety of devices from MicroTouch®, Elo® and Logic Controls®, offering flexibility to meet your staff’s preferences. This versatile system also connects devices to your local network without requiring an Internet connection. Make a difference with the Epson TrueOrder KDS, and set up your restaurant for success.

  • Increase accuracy — no more lost or illegible tickets; digital order information is routed directly to your kitchen stations
  • Digitize your kitchen operations — digitize your food prep process and help minimize paper usage
  • Custom workflow support — can be configured to support your kitchen's custom workflow; add an Epson receipt or label printer for more flexibility
  • Optimize your kitchen — with up to nine stations supported, build your optimized kitchen flow
  • Easy to learn for new users — intuitive user interface is designed for easy operation in quick-service restaurant (QSR) or small-restaurant environments
  • Versatile device support — provides flexibility to meet your staff’s preferences; compatible with devices from MicroTouch, Elo and Logic Controls
  • Easy setup — POS-agnostic; compatible with traditional and tablet POS systems, with no software modifications or special licenses needed
  • Simple installation — versatile solution supports a variety of hardware, including all-in-one touchscreens
  • Simple configurator — intuitive, browser-based configurator utility is accessible from most devices with a Web browser
  • Engineered for reliability — connect to your local network, no Internet connection required