Siri Shortcuts

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Tell your printer what to do. Ask Siri!

Voice-activated, menu-free printing and scanning is now available through the Epson iPrint App and Siri® Shortcuts. Print photos from your iPhone® or iPad®, or scan documents using the camera on your device or your printer connected to your network. You can even check your printer ink levels1. Just ask Siri and it’s done2!

Print Photos: Take a picture with your iPhone or iPad and ask Siri to print it. Your photo will be ready to share or display in seconds. Not near your printer? No problem. Just snap the photo and ask Siri to print it. Your photo will be ready when you get back to your printer2.

Scan Documents: Ask Siri to scan documents using your iPhone or iPad camera and the Epson iPrint App. Then, press the Scan button once your document is centered. Your document is instantly scanned to your device. Alternatively, ask Siri to scan documents using your Epson multifunction printer. Simply load your document in the scanner, ask Siri to scan, and your document is scanned to your device.

Check Ink Levels1: Wondering how much ink you have left in your printer? Ask Siri to check your printer ink levels and instantly see the results on your iPhone or iPad.


1 Not available on EcoTank® printers that use ink bottles.

2 Epson Connect account required for remote printing.