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Easy monitoring and control

Epson® Projector Management Software is an easy-to-use, Windows-based solution for monitoring and controlling your networked projector fleet. A free software solution — with no licensing fees added — this helpful tool allows users to configure, manage and monitor up to 2,048 networked projectors at once, saving valuable time and helping to minimize downtime. Ideal for IT professionals managing multiple displays or display groups, Epson Projector Management Software ensures that your projectors are ready to display whenever and wherever needed.

    • Use the Epson Projector Management Software to:
      • Discover, name and create projector groups and hierarchies on the network
      • Control and monitor the status of projectors remotely
      • Schedule and set-up automatic email alerts for projector maintenance intervals or error notifications
      • Automatically power-on and display messages to networked displays via the Message Broadcast feature
      • View key information including serial number/MAC address, input sources, power on/off, AV mute, lamp/laser life hours, product temperature and more
      • Remotely update firmware and capture, save and export usage and error logs
      • Automatically associate projectors for use with Epson iProjection App
      • Manage non-Epson, PJ Link-enabled projectors
      • Access camera functions remotely; color calibration and screen matching
      • Free software solution — no licensing fees


General Features:
  • Number of supported projectors - up to 2048
  • PJ Link support
  • Automatic registration
  • Automatic update for iProjection
  • Automatic update of projector replacement

  • Control Settings Features:
  • Power On/Off
  • Input Source
  • AV Mute
  • Message broadcasting
  • Remote firmware update
  • Multi-NIC support
  • Password/Encryption

  • Reporting Data Features:
  • Projector model and serial number
  • Projector Status
  • Status of accessory camera
  • Lamp/Laser hours
  • Temperature status
  • IP/Mac address
  • Projector status via email
  • Common/detailed error logs