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PowerLite Pro Cinema 800

The PowerLite Pro Cinema 800 is Epson's flagship home theater projector. It features top-of-the-line performance, providing color and detail that is unsurpassed in a home theater projector. Professional in every detail, it's the perfect fit for the ultimate home theater.

Enjoy the ultimate home theater experience with the Epson. PowerLite. Pro Cinema 800, delivering breakthrough image quality and color that's unsurpassed in the world of home theater projectors. Now, you can view movies the way filmmakers intended you to see them. Color settings are optimized for the ITU709 color standard, ensuring the unsurpassed HD quality. The Dynamic Eye Iris control ensures images are rich with blacks in dark scenes and provides all the needed detail to make a crisp, sharp picture. And, innovative Epson 3LCD technology offers a better way to see. You get the best possible cinematic experience, with more accurate color and exceptional detail, even in dark areas of the picture.

With the Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 800, Epson has blended engineering ingenuity seamlessly with the world of theater and art. Top-of-the-line technologies are hard at work in this projector, giving you the ultimate movie experience. With ISF calibration, you get the purest image possible. And, installers have complete control to custom fit the picture quality to the surrounding environment utilizing 8 ISF programmable modes with individual memory. In addition, the Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 800 offers seven specialized pre-set color modes for optimum performance, whatever the setting or situation.

  • Model: V11H223020MB
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