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Proofing Paper White Semimatte

Designed with 10 mil naturally bright white base, Epson Proofing Paper White Semimatte is free of optical brighteners and ideally suited for proofing a wide variety of color critical commercial offset printing applications most commonly used in high-end sheet-fed printed products such as brochures, collateral, book covers and posters. Coated with exacting standards, Proofing Paper White Semimatte is specifically optimized for proofing applications using Epson UltraChrome K3 ink and displays outstanding short term stability. Its weight, base tint, and wide color gamut makes this the perfect choice for commercial proofing applications.

Paper Specifications:

  • Basis weight: 255 gsm
  • Thickness: 9.89 mil
  • ISO brightness: 90%
  • Opacity: 96%
  • Base material: Resin coated paper
  • Base color: White
  • Surface finish: Semimatte
  • Core size: 3"
  • Spindle: 2"


Profile Information
Supplied with EFI Proofing Edition RIP, ColorBurst Edition RIP, and Graphic Arts Edition RIP.

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