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Standard Proofing Paper

Offering the widest color gamut available for accurate color reproductions, this proofing paper provides a base color, weight, and gloss level designed to match color-critical commercial offset, press applications. Optimized for proofing applications, when used with the Epson the UltraChrome™ K3 Ink and UltraChrome K3 Ink with Vivid Magenta, this media delivers outstanding short-term stability. In fact, it's designed to meet the exacting standards established by the GRACoL® Committee.

Paper Specifications:

  • Basis weight: 205 gsm
  • Thickness: 7.0 mil
  • L* a* b* value: 95.0, 0.0, -2.0
  • ISO brightness: 91.6%
  • Whiteness: 93.8%
  • Base material: Resin coated paper
  • Base color: White
  • Surface finish: Semimatte
  • Core size: 3"
  • Spindle: 3"


Profile Information
Supplied with EFI Proofing Edition RIP, ColorBurst Edition RIP, and Graphic Arts Edition RIP.

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