For Work Printers Label SurePress L-4733AW Digital Label Press

Epson SurePress L-4733AW Digital Label Press with White Ink


Epson SurePress L-4733AW Digital Label Press with White Ink

Model: C11CJ59104
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Product Highlights

  • Epson-quality labels; White Ink; flexo substrate versatility
  • Automated printing for ease of operation
  • Backed by Epson service network
  • Includes training, workflow software & operational support
  • Complies with food industry standards for ink safety

The only digital press in its class with White Ink1 for prime labels and thin films

A low-cost turnkey solution, the Epson® SurePress® L-4733AW digital label press comes with automated features such as remarkable advanced auto head cleaning, technology that verifies the health of each nozzle, an optional inline spectrometer and increased film printing production versus the previous generation. In addition, it uses water-based resin AQ4 inks, including White Ink for clear and metallic films, that meet the latest safety standards and regulations such as REACH. The L-4733AW features Epson print quality using MicroPiezo® inkjet technology and a remarkable color gamut, delivering accurate spot colors and gradients required for brand-quality color prime labels and packaging, using flexographic (flexo) substrates with no corona treatment required. Easy to use, this printer offers unattended operation. And, with the ink, printhead and robotic controller all manufactured by Epson, it’s engineered for remarkable reliability. In addition, it includes operational training and RIP workflow training and software. Featuring versatile media support, the L-4733AW prints on a variety of substrates from 3.15" to 13" wide.

The L-4733AW is the only digital press under $250,000 with White Ink1 and produces brand-quality, pressure-sensitive labels and thin films at an industrial standard that allows you to impress even your toughest branded customers. Whether you’re just starting in the label printing business or running an established shop, the L-4733AW offers versatility and streamlined workflow from proof to press.

Print Other:

Print Resolution: 720 x 720 dpi (for paper)
1440 x 720 dpi (for film)Print Speed: Up to 16' (5 m) per minute at 720 x 720 dpi (on paper)


Ink Type: Epson industrial-quality, water-based,resin-coated, pigment ink system (SurePress AQ4)Ink Palette: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Standard Black or Matte Black, Orange, Green, White (L-4533AW)


Dimensions: Press Dimensions: 12.43' x 6.06' x 6.6' (3,788 mm x 1,847 mm x 2,016 mm) (W x D x H)
Rewinder Dimensions: 4.30' x 2.95' x 3.28' (1,310 mm x 900 mm x 1,000 mm) (W x D x H)Weight: Weight of Press: Approximately 3,815 lb (1,730 kg), including rewinder
Weight of Rewinder: Approximately 397 Ib (180 kg)


Standard Connectivity: Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-T or higher


1 Compared with similar digital label presses priced at $250,000 (USD) or less as of May 2022.