For Work Printers Label SurePress L-6534VW Label Press Orange Ink

Epson SurePress L-6534VW with Orange Ink Digital Label Press


Epson SurePress L-6534VW with Orange Ink Digital Label Press

Ink Type: Orange Ink for a wider color gamut
Model: C11CH31302
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Product Highlights

  • Epson-print-quality labels; wide, accurate color gamut
  • PrecisionCore printhead improves productivity & cost
  • Consistent color and quality
  • Orange Ink enables accurate & dense color gamut
  • Meets FDA and EuPIA standards for ink safety

UV Inkjet press with Orange Ink and wide color gamut is ideal for prime label printing

The Epson® SurePress® L-6534VW with Orange Ink is Sure to Impress. This UV press comes with the same Epson print quality of the L-6534VW, but with new Orange Ink to allow for a wider color gamut verified by PANTONE® certification. This highly automated press enables reliable and repeatable high-speed printing of up to 2.0 million square feet per month1. Incorporating PrecisionCore® printhead technology and high-pigment, low-migration LED UV curing ink, the press’s center drum system is a space-saving, compact design integrating corona treatment, White Ink, web cleaner, ionizer and an additional UV curing unit, all standard.

Image quality
The Epson-developed PrecisionCore printheads, UV inks and LED UV pinning technology control the range of ink placement and realize ultra sharp round dots, which produce incredibly thin lines. In addition, the L-6434VW with Orange Ink has a high gamut ratio, resulting in Epson-quality labels that deliver a wide color gamut, tonal gradation, flat print and lack of graininess using Epson ink. This also minimizes the number of printheads used. The printer achieves up to 92 percent of the full PANTONE range, with a color difference of less than 1.5 Delta E 2000, well within the standard for PANTONE validation.

Print Other:

Print Resolution: 600 x 1200 dpiPrint Speed: Productivity Mode: 50 m/min
Standard Mode: 30 m/min
Variable Data Speed: 50 m/min


Ink Type: UV; Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, White, and Digital Varnish or OrangeInk Palette: PANTONE: 85% with CMYKW; 92% with CMYKOrW


Dimensions: 4,250 mm x 2,290 mm x 2,520 mm (W x D x H)Weight: Approx. 2,640 kg


Standard Connectivity: Network Connectivity: Gigabit EthernetNetwork Protocols: 10Base-T/100Base-T/1000Base-T


1 Verified by Epson Remote Management System.