For Work Robots Software .NET Support (VB Guide & RC+ 7.0 API)

Epson .NET Support (VB Guide & RC+ 7.0 API)

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  • .NET Connectivity to 3rd party programming languages
  • Supports MS Visual Studio (C#, C++, VB), Labview and more
  • Works with Integrated EPSON RC+ Debugging Tools
  • Fully Integrated with EPSON Vision Guide
  • Works with Epson RC700, RC620+, RC180 and RC90 Controllers
  • Note: RC700 and RC90 Controllers with RC+ 7.0 use RC+ 7.0 API (new name)

Epson Robots leads the industry in PC based controls with our now 3rd generation Open Architecture PC Based RC620+ Controller. Building an open architecture controller requires a solid connection to 3rd party development tools and our Epson VB Guide product has been doing this for over 10+ years now. VB Guide has transformed from a DDE to OCX to Active X to .NET connnectivity tool set allowing EPSON Robot users to program their systems using 3rd party languages and environments from Microsoft Visual Studio to National Instruments LabView. With a fully integrated .NET library Epson users have access to the thousands of 3rd party tools supported through these enviroments. Thus allowing customers to find the right tool for the job quickly and easily.

One of the powerful features of VB Guide/RC+ 7.0 API is full integration with EPSON Vision Guide. Adding vision to your VB Guide/RC+ 7.0 API based application is easily done in minutes vs. the hours it would normally take using other methods.

Powerful User Built GUIs

Many of our customers use VB Guide/RC+ 7.0 API and the .NET libararies to build their own GUI for their application. The platform of choice is Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Basic, Visual C/C++ and Visual C#. With thousands of tools available within the Microsoft Visual Studio framework, chances are you can find the tools to help reduce your overall development time vs. having to develop them yourself thus allowing you to focus on the robot application at hand vs. spending all your time building new developent tools.

Another common platform that is becoming more popular is National Instruments LabView. This environment is more common for the Lab Automation market and many tools are supported from LabView to connect to various Lab Automation equipment vendors products. For RC+ 5.0 and 6.0 based applications, VB Guide supports connectivity through .NET to LabView to help reduce overall development time for those users that prefer the LabView development environment for their applications. For RC+ 7.0 based applications, RC+ 7.0 API now supports Lab View at a higher level with VI instances available for a wide variety of robot commands.

Epson is the pioneer in connectivity from way back when DDE was the software tool of choice. Now with our .NET support libraries, EPSON Robots remains the leader in connectivity within the Microsoft Windows Environment.

Ease of Use Leader
  • Several RC+ Windows are Supported from VB Guide including:
    • Robot Manager
    • I/O Monitor
    • Task Manager
    • Controller Tools Dialog
  • During Development EPSON RC+ can be run along with Visual Basic
  • At Production Time, EPSON RC+ can be run invisibly in the background
  • System and User Events allow easy communication between EPSON RC+ and Visual Basic
  • Full Integration with Epson Vision Guide for Easy Vision Image and Graphic Results Display
  • Supports Events to maximize throughput (vs. using polling solutions)
  • The Industry Leader in .NET Connectivity for Robots
  • Full LabView integration with RC+ 7.0 API and connection through RC+ 5.0/6.0 with .NET

Used for a Wide Variety of Applications and Industries
  • Automotive
  • Hard Drive
  • Medical
  • Lab Automation
  • Consumer Products
  • Industrial
  • Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Solar
  • Semiconductor
  • Electronics


3rd Party Development Environments:
  • Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Microsoft Visual C/C++
  • Microsoft Visual C#
  • National Instruments LabView
Available Controllers:
  • RC700 (RC+ 7.0 API)
  • RC620+ (VB Guide 6.0)
  • RC180 (VB Guide 5.0)
  • RC90 (VB Guide 5.0)
  • RC90 (RC+ 7.0 API) when using RC90 with RC+ 7.0
  • Built-In Controller with T-Series Robots (RC+ 7.0 API)
Events Supported: System Events
User EventsSPEL Video Control:
  • Camera
  • GraphicsEnabled
  • VideoEnabled
  • LoadImage
  • Up to 64 RC+ Tasks can be started and stopped
  • Several RC+ Standard Windows are Supported by VB Guide
  • Full Support and Integration with EPSON Vision Guide
Methods and Properties Supported:
  • ErrorOn
  • MotorsOn
  • EStopOn
  • ErrorCode
  • CommandInCycle
  • AsyncMode
  • OperationMode
  • PauseOn
  • PowerHigh
  • PowerLow
  • Project
  • ProjectBuildComplete
  • Robot
  • RobotModel
  • SafetyOn
  • SPELVideoControl
  • Version
  • WarningCode
  • WarningOn
  • Accel
  • AccelR
  • AccelS
  • Agl
  • Arch
  • Armv
  • ArmClr
  • ArmDef
  • ArmSet
  • Atan
  • Atan2
  • AtHome
  • AxisLocked
  • Bgo
  • Bmove
  • Box
  • BoxClr
  • BoxDef
  • BTst
  • BuildProject
  • Call
  • ClearPoints
  • Connect
  • Continue