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Moverio Pro BT-2000 Smart Headset

Experience a smarter workplace with the Moverio Pro BT-2000

Featuring a series of technology and design innovations built specifically for the industrial workplace, the revolutionary MOVERIO Pro BT 2000 smart headset is poised to improve operational efficiency and ultimately change how work gets done.

  • Model: V11H725020
  • Built for Enterprise — safety-glass compliant (ANSI Z87.1), dust and waterproof (IP54 certified), and capable of withstanding a 1.2m drop, meaning it can be worn in tough environments
  • Hands-Free Operation — wearable display with built-in voice commands and the possibility to create user interfaces based on head-tracking and gesture-control
  • Remote Visual Guidance — the centered high-resolution 5MP front-facing camera enables the sharing of a worker’s point of view to get help on complex tasks
  • Long Operating Time — hot swappable batteries allow for all-day usage without outages
  • Designed for Long Wearability — adjustable headband and forehead pad for a more comfortable fit; no pressure applied to the nose
  • Accurate Positioning, even indoors — in addition to GPS, the device features a built-in Epson IMU (inertial measurement unit): a high-precision sensor with a margin of error much less than conventional sensors.
  • Simple Operation — physical keys with intuitive shapes and layout that can be used even when wearing protective gloves, along with built-in ambient light sensor to adjust the brightness of the display automatically to maximize visibility
  • Enhanced Connectivity — dual band (2.4 & 5GHz) wireless connectivity, Bluetooth 3.0 and select BLE protocols
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