Using Epson Media Installer

To manage 3rd Party Media with SureColor Commercial Printers

To manage SureColor P700, P900, P5370, P6570E, P6570D, P6570DE, P7570, P8570D, P8570DL, P9570, T3770E, T3770D, T5770D, T5770DM, T7770D, T7770DM, T7770DL printers

View the videos below for more information about using Epson Media Installer with these models.


Epson Media Installer software was developed to accurately set mechanical parameters on the printer for media handling not found on previous generations of Stylus Pro and SureColor printers. To ensure high-quality, trouble-free printing on listed models, it is necessary to use the Epson Media Installer software included in the driver installer package.

Epson Media Installer allows end users to copy, edit, and manage the mechanical and color profile settings on the latest generation printers. When settings are adjusted in Epson Media Installer, those changes will become a Custom Media on the printer control panel. Creating and selecting these Custom Medias on the printer control panel before printing, will ensure the correct settings are used.

Epson Media installer is automatically installed during the printer driver installation. Epson branded medias are automatically loaded into Epson Media Installer and the printer during the driver installation. Epson may provide updates to these media settings or provide new media settings in the future. These updates will be available for download through Epson Media Installer – look for “Update Available” in the Epson Media Download tab.

Using the Printer Driver

When printing through the driver via Photoshop, Lightroom etc., it is important that Epson Media Installer is launched to load media presets on the printer and in the driver on each local computer. If Epson Medias are missing in the driver, click Refresh in Epson Media Installer to synchronize medias in Media Management.

Using Non-Epson Branded Media or Creating Custom Media Types

For non-Epson medias, download an EMX preset from the media manufacturer’s website and import it into Epson Media installer. This will load the media mechanical settings, printer driver settings, and color profiles provided by the media manufacturer.

If the media manufacturer does not have an EMX available or you want to create your own custom media, you can create a custom media using an existing Epson Media as a base to adjust specific parameters (platen gap, lateral feed, etc.) for that media. A guide on how to do this is provided in the Epson Media Installer Documents section below.

Using RIP Software

It is strongly recommended that customers create custom media types when using a 3rd party RIP. These custom media types will drive the correct mechanical parameters on the printer and override mechanical settings in the RIP that may cause conflicts. More information on custom media types is coming soon.

Epson Media Installer Documents

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