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With Epson technologies, your patients and staff enjoy improved efficiency, fewer errors and downtime, simplified payments and admissions, accelerated training times and mitigated operational risks.


See how others have used Epson's healthcare market solutions to improve the quality of patient care.

"When everything was on paper, we'd have to go to the file room, sift through the files, and dig out the required document. But now that we have what I am confident is a secure system, I get my reassurance of safety, access and control. The new system needed to make getting our hands on specific information easier."
– Donna Dertz, Director of Human Resources

"The new Nautilus/Epson solution is more user friendly, faster and more reliable than our previous system."
– Mary T. Fanning-Chalako R.T. ® (M) PACS Administrator at SJH

Tasked with finding a label solution to reduce errors, a high-definition labeling and bar-coding solution was chosen for Duke Compounding Facility by Kenneth S. Latta, BS, RPh, a Senior Consultant for Health System Consulting Group. Using Epson SecurColor® Inkjet label printers, the group found a "decrease of 1.5 medication errors per month to zero."

Essential Solutions for Medical Centers

Epson’s fast and reliable technology, engineered for healthcare, can help improve staff efficiency and increase overall patient satisfaction.

Additional Solutions for Healthcare

Epson technology can improve efficiency and accuracy at nearly every point in a patient’s health-care journey. Records can be stored and distributed more safely and securely, medical and registration documents such as prescriptions and insurance cards can be swiftly scanned, and laboratory, pharmacy and hospital payments can be processed quickly with industry-leading check scanners.

Additional Solutions for Administrative Offices

From projectors to printers, Epson has the technology to help with everything from engaging your staff to creating more precise healthcare documents. These powerful tools can help you conduct more interactive meetings, collaborate with other medical centers, train associates more effectively or enjoy reliable and cost-effective printing.

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