Featured Case Studies & Success Stories

Our ColorWorks and monochrome labeling solutions are delivering proven results for a wide range of labeling applications from packaging and manufacturing to retail, logistics and more. Find out how companies are improving productivity, reducing costs and increasing sales with Epson.

Nita Beer Company

An upstart Canadian craft brewer stays community‑focused by featuring local artists and organizations on their customized beer can labels.

Smark Chemicals

Smark Chemicals has improved the look of their labels and the efficiency of printing with the new C7500 label printer.

Millstone Medical Outsourcing

Massachusetts‑based Millstone Medical Outsourcing achieves full‑color, on‑demand labels using Epson's C7500 ColorWorks label printer.

Hunger Mountain Coop

Hunger Mountain Coop found that the C3500 was easier to use, faster, and produced crisper colors than other products they had used their previous models.


The C7500 provides Laird Superfood with high-quality images and offers flexibility to make real-time product labeling changes to accommodate portfolio expansion.

House of Popcorn

This home-based popcorn company used the C3500 to increase the production speed and flexibility of its customized product labeling needs

Selman and Associates

Selman and Associates uses ColorWorks C831 to produce well logs with speed, accuracy and flexibility for a fraction of the cost of laser.

Packaging Strategies

On‑demand color labeling helps producer of hummingbird nectar grow business.

Package Printing

High‑end bath accessories provider uses on‑demand packaging labels to simplify its labeling needs.

Label & Narrow Web

Vape Dudes' existing printer took 25 minutes to complete the task, while Epson's C3500 took one fifth of that time.

Labeling Solutions

Manufacturers use Epson color label printers to improve operations and reduce costs.

FX Luminaire

FX Luminaire cuts costs by 75% and gains efficiencies with BCS Label and Epson.

Tubelite, Inc.

Tubelite use Epson's color label printers to improve shipping accuracy and reduce costs.


Dish-n-Dash uses the C7500 printer in its restaurants and bakery to produce more than 40 label designs for its orders, inventory, ingredients lists, and retail food products.

Grant Industries

An Epson ColorWorks on-demand color label printer boosted turnaround times, on-time shipments and customer communication for Grant Industries.

When Dura Plastics needed a fast, reliable label printer to quickly and accurately accomplish their high-volume print jobs, they sought out Epson ColorWorks color label printers to get the job done.


Rossmoor Pastries

"Rossmoor Pastries decided to add color images to our labels to improve the look of our products and to increase sales. In addition, we had opportunities to co‑package products for other companies and they wanted color labels to enhance the look of their products. So after printing black and white labels for year, we are now printing color labels with images on‑demand with Epson's TM‑C3400."

Michael Glover, General Manager, Rossmoor Pastries

Wristband Resources

"We've received extremely positive feedback for our color wristbands printed on Epson's TM‑C3400 printer. This combination has opened doors to a number of venues who never thought on‑demand color printing of wristbands was possible."

Nate Olson, Sales Manager, Wristband Resources