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How can I use Optical Character Recognition to scan text that I can edit?

  • For OCR You must scan from within an OCR scanning application, like Caere's OmniPage or Xerox Textbridge, NOT from the Twain driver.

    OCR -- How Does It Work?

    Normal scans produce graphic images. If the Image Type is set to OCR (Optical Character Recognition), an OCR application (like Text Bridge, Image-In or Presto! PageManager) will convert the graphic image to an ASCII text file which a word processor can then edit, save and print. The text file can also be attached to E-mail and Fax applications.

    You can obtain OCR software from local dealers or from the manufacturers:

    Presto PageMaker
    You can obtain a graphics overhead application like Presto PageManager to perform compound scanning functions and OCR.
    Contact: NewSoft, Inc.

    Image In
    Contact: Hi Image

    Contact: Caere
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