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How do I install the transparency unit?

  • Installing the Transparency Unit

    1. Make sure the scanner is turned off. Then unplug the power cable from the scanner.

    2. Remove the document cover by grasping it beside the hinges and lifting it straight up.

    3. Align the TPU hinge pins with the holes in the scanner, then lower the TPU until the pins rest securely in the holes.

    4. Close the TPU. To avoid damaging the TPU, do not place heavy objects on it.

    5. Attach the TPU connector to the option connector at the back of the scanner. Secure the connector using the attached screws.

    6. Plug the scanner back in and turn it on.

    Installing the Transparency Guide

    Follow the steps below to install the transparency guide:

    1. Lift the TPU.

    2. If your scanner doesn't already have a guide pin and adjust pin installed, insert the guide pin and adjust pin that came with the TPU. Make sure the adjust pin's arrow faces the guide pin.

    3. Place the transparency guide above the scanner's document table over the pins as shown in your electronic manual. Make sure the oval hole is on the right.

    You must install the transparency guide to ensure that your originals are correctly positioned. Otherwise, transparencies may cover the calibration area on the left side of the glass and cause scanningerrors.

    For more information, see your electronic EPSON Expression 836XL User's Guide.
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