How should I transport my product?

  • For short moves, you can just pick up the EPSON Stylus Scan and set it down. For longer moves, you need to repack it in its original box and lock the print head. Do the following:
    1. Press the power button to turn the printer off. Then unplug the power cord and remove the interface cable.
    2. Make sure the top cover is closed.
    3. Remove all paper and then remove the paper and document supports.
    4. Make sure the output tray is lowered, then open the front cover.
    5. Secure the ink cartridge holder with tape, as shown.
    6. Close the cover and raise the tray.
    7. Use the original box and packing materials to repack the printer.
    8. Keep the EPSON Stylus Scan level during transport.
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