Support Scanners Perfection Series Epson Perfection 610

Since my product does not have LED indicators, how do you know when it's on?

  • It uses its scanning lamp to show various conditions, either by turning on or off, or flashing. Here are the various lamp conditions:
    1. Lamp: On
    - a. The scanner is in normal condition
    2. Lamp: Blinking (NOTE: The lamp goes off after 30 minutes)
    - a. The scanner was turned on with the transportation screw locked
    - b. Communication error
    - c. Fatal error except for burned out lamp.
    3. Lamp: Off
    - a. Power save mode (command not received for 10 minutes)
    - b. Power is not supplied
    - c. The lamp has burned out
    - d. The lamp was left blinking for 30 minutes
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