Support Scanners GT Series Epson GT-30000

How do I select my product source?

  • Your EPSON GT-30000 scanner comes with two all-purpose drivers, EPSON TWAIN HS and EPSON TWAIN HS Network, as well as the ISIS driver. The scanner driver is what you select as the source in your application. This is the software that allows your computer to communicate with your scanner. It also allows you to select certain settings to optimize the scanned image. If you installed EPSON TWAIN HS on the scanner server so that you could make a direct connection to the scanner, remember that you must exit EPSON Scan Server to use EPSON TWAIN HS. If you're accessing a GT-30000 scanner connected to another computer, always use EPSON TWAIN HS Network as your source. If you're accessing the GT-30000 scanner connected to your computer, always use EPSON TWAIN HS. Do not use EPSON TWAIN HS Network.
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