Support Scanners GT Series Epson GT-30000

I can't start Epson Twain HS. What should I do?

  • Make sure the scanner's READY light is on. Check to make sure your cable is securely connected to both the scanner and computer. Try using an ASPI-compliant Adaptec SCSI 2 cable, and be sure to restart your computer after you change the cable. If you have a SCSI connection, you can't turn the scanner off and on again while you're using your computer. Turn both the scanner and computer off, then turn on the scanner before you turn on the computer. Make sure the SCSI interface board is installed correctly in your computer. Check that your system recognizes your scanner and SCSI. Check the System Device Manager in the Windows Control Panel. For Windows NT, check the SCSI Adapters dialog in the Windows Control Panel. Check for conflicts in your SCSI ID setting, I/O address, the interrupt setting for your SCSI board, and other settings. For information about the SCSI ID setting, see Connecting to a SCSI Interface in your User's Manual. For information about choosing other settings, see your computer manual. If your computer has the scan server loaded at startup then TWAIN HS cannot be used, TWAIN HS Network must be used. If you have more than one scanner connected to your computer, make sure the GT-30000 is selected as your default scanner.
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