Support Scanners GT Series Epson GT-30000

How do I set up one-touch scanning to scan to a remote computer over a network?

  • Do the following:
    1. Turn on your scanner and the remote computer.
    2. Open Epson Scan on the remote computer and make sure the correct scanner is selected.
    3. Click the  button, then select File Save Settings.
    4. Set your desired scanning settings in the File Save Settings window.
    5. Make sure the Show this dialog box before next scan option is not selected.
    6. Click OK to close the File Save Settings window.

      Note: Epson Scan must be left open on the client computer you are scanning to. You can, however, minimize it to the taskbar.
    7. Press the  Start button on your scanner to begin scanning. The scanner saves your image according to the settings specified in the File Save Settings window.
    Note: You can scan to only one client computer at a time.
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