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Images come out slightly clipped in the when I scan film Manual Mode . What should I do?

  • This is a feature of EPSON TWAIN 5 and it is used to assist the software in finding your image automatically. This feature cannot be turned off in Full Auto Mode, however it can be disabled in Manual Mode.

    To disabled this feature in Manual Mode open the TWAIN 5 in Manual Mode and do the following: Click on the "Configuration" button, select the "Preview" Tab, remove the check from the box next to "Automatic Thumbnail Preview for Film".

    Once you have disabled this setting you will then have the ability to manually marquee exactly what you want to scan. You will have to marquee and scan each image one at a time. Care should be taken to marquee only the image and not any part of the film holder as it can affect the exposure and color of your image.

    You can use the "Zoom Preview Button" to show you a close up of the selected area and help you get the best marquee possible. For more information on settings and buttons see the EPSON TWAIN 5 Help window.
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