Support Scanners GT Series Epson GT-2500 Plus

My paper only feeds part way through the product's Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) and then jams.  What  should I do?

  • Make sure the paper feed guide (located under the ADF) is in the correct position. Do the following:
    1. Lift the scanner as shown below. Looking from the left side locate the 3½-inch white Mylar flap on the paper feed guide frame under the document mat. Caution: Be careful not to damage the document mat.
    The white Mylar flap is under the document mat.

     For your reference, here is a view of the paper feed guide when it is not installed in the scanner.
    3½ inch white Mylar flap
    1. The Mylar flap should fit below the black notched frame under the document mat sponge. Flex the flap into the correct position. You will hear it snap into place once it's in the correct position. The pictures below show the correct and incorrect position of the Mylar flap.

      Correct position of Mylar flap

      Incorrect position of Mylar flap
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