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I see the message Cannot find film when I scan film. What should I do?

  • When scanning film, Epson Scan may be unable to detect the images, or may be trimmed or grouped in an undesirable way. For example, you may experience one of the following problems:
    • Film larger than 35 mm (such as Medium Format or 4 x 5-inch size films) cannot be scanned.
    • Images with a dark background or a very bright background may be trimmed irregularly.
    • Color negative films whose base color (background) is extremely light or dark cannot be trimmed regularly.
    • A small area around the edges of each image is trimmed.
    • When scanning film with both panorama and regular size images, panorama images may be trimmed irregularly.
    Follow these steps to prevent undesirable trimming or grouping:
    1. Make sure the film is set correctly in the film holder, and that the film holder is properly positioned on the document table.
    2. Switch to Home Mode or Professional Mode, and preview with the Normal Preview window.
    3. In the Preview window, create marquees on the areas you want to scan.
    4. Use the marquee to crop the area within the perimeter of the image.
    5. Click Zoom to fine-tune the area of the film you want to scan.
    6. Select a resolution of 72 dpi for a test scan.
    7. Scan and view your image.
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