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What type of film can I load in the product's auto film loader?

    You can load 35 mm film that meets the following requirements:
    • The film should be dry.
    • The film should not be infrared film.
    • The film strip should be 35 mm wide and 2.9 to 9.1 inches long.
    • The film strip should contain at least 2 photos, but not more than 6.
    • The film should have no damaged edges or holes along the sides.
    • The film should have no folds, ripples, bends, or curls.
    • The film should have no stickers on it. Carefully cut off any stickers.

    Note: If your 35 mm film does not meet the requirements listed, you can use the film holder that comes with the scanner to scan 35 mm film.
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