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How do I scan directly to an email?

  • You can scan and automatically attach scanned image file(s) to an e-mail message with the E-mail button on the scanner.
    1. Place your document on the document table or in the ADF. See Placing Documents or Photos or Loading Documents in the Automatic Document Feeder for instructions.
    2. Press the E-mail button on the scanner.
    3. Note: Epson Scan starts in the last mode you used. The following steps are for Office Mode. For instructions on using other modes, see Scanning in Home Mode or Scanning in Professional Mode.
    4. In the Office Mode window, select the Image Type, Document Source, Size, and Resolution settings. For details, see Scanning in Office Mode.
    5. Click Preview to preview your image(s), then select your scan area. For details, see Previewing and Adjusting the Scan Area.
    6. Make any other necessary image adjustments. See Adjusting the Color and Other Image Settings for details.
    7. Click Scan. The File Save Settings window appears. For details, see Selecting File Save Settings.
    8. Click Close. Epson Scan scans your document or photo and displays the Send File Via E-mail window.
    9. Select the e-mail program you use in the Select E-mail Application list.
    10. If you scanned photos and want to resize them, choose an option under Select Photo Size.
    11. Note: The box at the bottom of the window displays information about the image file(s) you are attaching to the e-mail message.
    12. Click OK. Your e-mail program is opened and any scanned images you selected are attached to a new e-mail message. See your e-mail program Help if you need instructions on sending your e-mail message.
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