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How can I remove dust marks from my originals as I scan them?

  • You can remove stubborn dust and scratch marks as you scan your originals using Epson Scan's DIGITAL ICE Technology setting. You can select this setting in Home and Professional mode.

    DIGITAL ICE Technology removes dust marks that the Dust Removal setting cannot. However, it takes longer to scan and uses more system resources. It is best to first try removing dust marks using the Dust Removal setting before trying the DIGITAL ICE Technology setting; you cannot select both at the same time.

    Note: Do not use the DIGITAL ICE Technology setting to scan originals that do not contain dust or scratch marks; your scanned images may appear distorted. Images scanned with DIGITAL ICE Technology may appear softer than your original images.

    1. Make sure your system and your original meet the requirements to use DIGITAL ICE Technology.
    2. Place your original on your scanner.
    3. Start Epson Scan.
    4. Select the scan mode you want to use.
    5. Select the scan settings for your scan.
    6. Preview your image.
    7. Locate or access the image adjustment settings.
    8. Select the DIGITAL ICE Technology checkbox.

    9. In Professional Mode, click the + mark (for Windows) or the arrow (for OS X) to display the Level list box. Select DIGITAL ICE Technology - Quality or DIGITAL ICE Lite Technology - Speed.

      Note: DIGITAL ICE Lite Technology is available when scanning film and slides in Professional Mode only.

    10. When you finish selecting all your settings, click Scan.
    11. Click Close to exit the Epson Scan window, if necessary.
    Epson Scan scans your original, and saves the scanned file in the selected folder or opens it in your scanning program. If the file was saved directly to your computer, you see the file in the Windows Explorer or Mac OS X Finder, where you can view and print the image, if desired.

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