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What options do I have to power the product on?

  • See these sections to learn about the power management options for your scanner.

    If you connect your scanner using a USB connection, you can power the scanner through the USB port.

    If you connect your scanner using a Wi-Fi connection, you must install the batteries or connect the optional AC adapter.

    Installing Batteries

    You can use 4 AA batteries (Ni-MH, alkaline, or lithium) to power your scanner.

    Use only the type of batteries specified in this manual. Do not install batteries of different types, or mix new and old batteries.

    1. Slide off the battery cover.
    2. Insert the batteries with the + and - ends facing as shown.
    3. Slide the battery cover back on.
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    Using the Optional AC Adapter

    When scanning a large number of documents over a wireless connection, use the optional AC adapter (part number B12B867201) to avoid draining the batteries.

    Note: The AC adapter does not recharge the batteries installed in the scanner.

    Connect the AC adapter as shown below:

    Use only the AC adapter model compatible with this product. Do not use the AC adapter with any other electronic device.

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