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How do I decide which resolution to select when scanning from Epson Scan?

  • If you plan to enlarge a scanned image so you can print it at a larger size, you may need to increase the resolution from the default resolution set by Epson Scan. Follow these guidelines to determine the resolution setting you need:

    • You will scan the image at its original size, but then enlarge it later in an image-editing program. Increase Epson Scan's Resolution setting in your scan. Increase the resolution by the same amount you will increase the image size to retain a high image quality. For example, if the resolution is 300 dpi and you will double the image size later, change the Resolution setting to 600 dpi.
    • You will scan the image at 100% or smaller size.

    Select the Epson Scan resolution based on how you will use the scanned image:

    • E-mail/view on a computer screen/post on the web: 96 to 150 dpi
    • Fax: 200 dpi
    • Print/Convert to editable text (OCR): 300 dpi

    Note: Higher resolution settings result in larger file sizes. For example, an 8.5 x 11-inch original scanned at 300 dpi can produce a 24MB file. The same original scanned at 72 dpi creates only a 1.3MB file. Large files take longer to process and print, so consider the practical limitations of your computer system when selecting a resolution. To keep your file size manageable, select the lowest possible resolution that gives acceptable quality.

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