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I'm having paper feed problems. What should I do?

  • If you have problems feeding originals in your scanner, try these solutions:

    • If multiple pages feed at once, try the following:
      • Remove the originals, fan the edges to separate the sheets, if necessary, and reload them.
      • Load fewer originals at a time.
      • Load only originals that meet the specifications for your scanner.
      • Clean inside the scanner and replace the roller assembly kit, if necessary.
      • Scan the originals one by one using the Automatic Feeding Mode setting in Epson Scan 2.
      • Select Slow on the scanner control panel to slow down the scanning speed.
      • Use the optional carrier sheet for thin or folded documents.
    • If you see a double feed error in the Epson Scan 2 window or the Document Capture Pro window, start Epson Scan 2, select the Main Settings tab, select the Detect Double Feed setting, and select Off.
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