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I see the message Could not find computer(s) with Document Capture Pro installed when I try to scan. What should I do?

    Check the following:

    • Make sure the software below is installed for your operating system.


      • Document Capture Pro
      • Epson Scan or Epson Scan 2


      • Document Capture
      • Epson Scan or Epson Scan 2
      • Epson Event Manager
    • If the software is not installed, you can download the software from the Downloads tab for your product. Make sure you restart your computer after installing the product software.
    • Make sure your Epson product and computer are connected to the same network.
    • Make sure the Epson Event Manager is not blocked by your firewall or security software.
    • Make sure a scan job is selected in the Button Assignment window of Document Capture Pro.

    Note: Document Capture Pro and Document Capture support scanning from the control panel only with a Network connection (Wi-Fi or Ethernet).

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