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I see the message Reduce the resolution to save the image in the size that you specified when I scan with Epson ScanSmart. What should I do?

  • This can happen if the Document Size setting is set to Auto Detect (Long Paper) and you scan at a resolution higher than 300 dpi. If you use the Auto Detect (Long Paper) setting, you need to set the resolution to 300 dpi or lower. To change the settings, do the following:

    1. Open Epson ScanSmart and select the Setting button.
    2. On the Scanner Settings tab, click Scan Settings. You will see an Epson Scan 2 window.
    3. Click on the Document Size drop-down arrow and select Auto Detect (Long Paper).
    4. Click on the Resolution drop-down arrow, select dpi, and then click Save.

    Note: If you scan a document with a resolution higher than 300 dpi and the length less than 14 inches, set the Document Size setting to Auto Detect.

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