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What is a job in Document Capture Pro or Document Capture and how is it created?

  • Jobs allow you to quickly recall saved settings for various tasks you might perform after scanning an image. For instance, you can use jobs to quickly save a scanned image to your computer, send a scanned image by email, print a scanned image, or upload a scanned image to various cloud destinations.

    To create a job in Document Capture Pro or Document Capture, do the following:

    1. Launch Document Capture Pro or Document Capture.
    2. Click the Manage Job button.
    3. Click the Add button. The Job Settings window appears.
    4. Enter a Job Name, select your Scan, Output, and Destination settings, then click OK. The new job is now listed in the Job List.
    5. Click OK again.

      You can now select your new job from the main window in Document Capture Pro or Document Capture by clicking the Job dropdown arrow and selecting Start Job.

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