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How do I scan thick or special paper?

  • Note: You can load only one large or legal original at a time.

    You can load a single envelope or large, thick, or folded original in the input tray. Make sure the original meets the specifications for special originals before loading it.

    Note: When scanning special documents, turn off the Detect Double Feed setting in Epson Scan. Select Configuration to access the setting.

    1. Open the input tray and pull up its extension.
    2. Pull out the output tray and open its extension.
    3. Slide the input tray edge guides all the way out.
    4. Do one of the following to load your original:
      • Load a large or thick original or an envelope in the input tray as shown. Make sure the printed side is facedown and top edge first.
      • For a folded original, fold and load the original as shown.

        Do not load the document with the open side facing down.

      • For a photo or an irregularly-shaped original, use an optional carrier sheet to load the document. Do the following to load the document into the carrier sheet:
        • If the original is smaller than the carrier sheet, insert it in the center of the sheet with the printed side facedown and the top facing the arrow on the sheet.
        • If the original is larger than the carrier sheet, fold it in half with the sides to be scanned facing out. Position the right side of the original faceup with the top facing the arrow on the sheet.
    5. Slide the original into the scanner until it meets resistance.
    6. Slide the edge guides against the edges of the sheet.
    7. Set the page separation lever to the position shown here.

      Note: To prevent paper jams, make sure to set the separation lever back to its original position when scanning standard single- or multi-page documents.

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