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My scanning software doesn't work properly in Windows or on my Mac. What should I do?

  • If your scanning software does not operate correctly, try these solutions:

    • Make sure your computer has adequate memory and meets the system requirements for your operating system.
    • Make sure your computer is not running in a power-saving mode, such as sleep or standby. If so, wake your system and restart your scanning software.
    • Make sure the scanner is turned on.
    • Make sure the connection between the scanner and your computer is secure.
    • If you upgraded your operating system but did not reinstall your scanning software, try reinstalling it.
    • In Windows, be sure that the scanner is listed under Imaging Devices in the Device Manager.
    • Check that the correct scanner is selected using the Epson Scan 2 Utility.
    • Connect the scanner directly to the computer. The scanner may not work properly when connected through a USB hub.
    • If you are scanning on a Mac, and you have scanner software from other products installed, uninstall the scanner software for all your products. Then reinstall the scanner software for this product and test it to make sure it works. If it does, reinstall the scanner software for your other products and make sure they all work. If not, contact Epson for support.
    • If you are using a TWAIN-compliant program, make sure that the correct product is selected as the Scanner or Source setting.
    • If your scanner is connected to one computer via USB and another computer via wireless connection, pressing the  scan button on the scanner will save the scanned images to the computer connected via USB.
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